Box House

Winner of the Australian Institute of Architects ACT Chapter 2015 Award for Residential Architecture - Houses (New)

Situated in a remnant section of native bushland, the Box House has been deliberately designed to blend into the landscape using scale and colour. The narrow north facing two-storey form, clad in dark grey sheet metal, is barely visible upon entrance to the site, and was situated in a natural clearing to minimise impact on the existing vegetation.

The house is simple and compact in form and planning. The linear ‘box’ is carved and segmented to create the spaces and volumes within. To allow connection with the sloping landscape, the ground floor plan has been designed as a series of stepping floor plates with different programs: entry/guest area; kitchen/dining area; and double height living area. The first floor plan opens onto the living area below and consists of a large flexible use space, currently a living / study area, and a private bedroom suite.

The Box House is an illustration of a low budget compact living typology where sustainable principles have been incorporated into the design without compromising its bold architectural aesthetic. Flexibility in the interior design enables this house to freely adapt and change over its lifespan based on its occupants’ needs.

Photo's by Light Studies