Courtyard House

Recently completed, the Courtyard House is a modestly designed dwelling set in the leafy suburb of Curtin. At the heart of the design is the central Japanese inspired courtyard to which all the living areas and walkways open into. The green roofed central core is flanked by two skillion roofed buildings that provide high raked ceilings to the living areas and bedrooms. All spaces have north facing windows and are cross ventilated.

The house has a series of sustainable technologies including a Teslar Powerwall home battery solar storage system, heat pump hydronic heating and domestic hot water system, and thermally broken high performance aluminium windows. Many materials were also salvaged from the old cottage and reused, including bricks for new interior and exterior walls and paving, and timber roof battens for cladding battens and slatted screens and fencing.

Photography will be completed in 2018.